Ascent Aerospace: Revolutionizing Manufacturing in the Global Aerospace Market

Ascent Aerospace: Revolutionizing Manufacturing in the Global Aerospace Market

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Michael Mahfet, CEO, Ascent AerospaceMichael Mahfet, CEO
With so many players in the market, the global aerospace industry is continuously evolving to keep up with the latest in technology trends. It used to be that manufacturers would need to use multiple suppliers for different aspects of a project in order to capitalize on every aspect of the value chain. As a result, this lead to a lack of coordination, adding cost and complexity to a program and customers found themselves at perplexing crossroads due to the lack of a single company that can do it all—from supply to integration. So, is there such a company that holds all the pieces to the puzzle?

Ascent Aerospace has been addressing this gap in the market place to become the ideal turnkey solution provider for its customers in the aerospace sector. Motivated by an industry limited by their capacity, the company offers an entire range of solutions under one roof in order to reduce the dependency on external subcontractors for any key elements in a manufacturing solution. The company has since become a one-of-a-kind aerospace solutions provider, with strong expertise and capabilities in a variety of niche disciplines.

“Ascent Aerospace is a capital equipment company with a portfolio of diverse engineered solutions, ranging from simple tooling applications to highly automated smart tools, that are used in aerospace assembly lines,” says Michael Mahfet, CEO Ascent Aerospace.

As a single source provider across the entire value chain of capital equipment for aerospace tooling, automation, controls, and integration, Ascent Aerospace maximizes equipment effectiveness thus decreasing the overall cost for customers. The company believes in utilizing its unparalleled skills and knowledge to help customers increase their manufacturing productivity, reliability, and quality.

To bring a better understanding of the solutions offered, Michael recalls an instance where the client was searching for three different suppliers in the market dealing with a tooling manufacturer, a motion platform supplier and a prime integrator. However, Ascent Aerospace developed a technical solution with their diverse portfolio and heritage experience, where they provided all the tooling, motion platforms, controls, and prime integration. This solution was more cost effective, delivered on time and was done so with the highest level of quality because it was managed by one team. It was a win-win situation for both the client and the company and opened a door of opportunities for Ascent to utilize their diverse capabilities across the entire value chain.

By providing custom-engineered solutions to aerospace customers, Ascent Aerospace has achieved awards such as the General Procurement Supply Chain and Quality Improvement Award (SQIP)by Airbus, in the Best Performer Category. Airbus describes SQIP as a “proven methodology that delivers robust and sustainable improvements.” When talking about the future of Ascent Aerospace, Michael shares that the company is focusing on research and development in the field of additive manufacturing solutions that they can provide to their clients in the coming years. The company has also recently expanded their operations in Mexico by opening a fabrication facility there and has plans for expansion in Europe. Ascent Aerospace is committed to challenging the industry norms, improving manufacturing processes and providing customers with the best solutions to meet their demands.

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Ascent Aerospace

Ascent Aerospace

Macomb Township, MI

Michael Mahfet, CEO

Ascent Aerospaceis a world renowned, single-source provider of production and automated assembly systems for the aerospace, defense and space industries.As the largest tooling group, Ascent produces a full suite of both mold and assembly tooling required for the aerospace manufacturing market, including the largest Invar molds ever made for aerospace.As an automation provider and production system integrator, Ascent works with customers to develop their project and see it through from process engineering, to build and installation to ensure it is an efficient and cost effective solution