Steel Hotextrusion Technology

Pierre Münch, CEO, CefivalPierre Münch, CEO, Cefival
Cefival belongs to Siderval, an Italian company part of the Italian group Calvi Holding SpAa global leader in the niche segment of special steel profile production. Together with its sister company HoeschSchwerter Extruded Profiles, Siderval and Cefival represent the Hot Extrusion division of the Calvi Group.

The company has developed solid ties and synergies with its Calvi Network sister companies specializing in the hot extrusion business with the aim of providing outstanding service and innovative and competitive hot extruded solutions to its customers.

Whether for aeronautical, power generation, applications in special mechanical engineering, architecture and many others, Cefival can comply with the most demanding requirements to satisfy customer needs

Cefival is the company that first developed the industrial process of hot extrusion. The name Cefival is historically associated with the hotextrusion forming of steel profiles. It was Jacques Séjournet who, in1941, after years of research and experimentation, finally patented the technology, in which glass powder is used as a lubricant forsteel extrusion.

Over time, Cefival has grown increasingly specialized and is now a leading producer of special solutions mainly for the aerospace industry, power plants and many other sectors.

Cefival invested nearly € 15 million in 2008 to renovate its industrial tool, an extrusion press, which dates from the creation of the company. This most ecological extrusion press in the world also has characteristics which make it possible to produce very thin products with tight and uniform tolerances along the bars. This is what the customers are looking for in their quest for continuous cost reduction, whether for the aeronautical industry (reduction of the Buy To Fly ratio) or for other industries. The teams are also initiating a low-cost patent on titanium and continue to work on new developments (curved profiles, even thinner profiles) with projects related to powder metallurgy, for example. Nearly 100 people work there. It was the women and men of Cefival supported by a flawless shareholder who made Cefival today an example of productive and creative activity.


Hot extrusion is a production process employed for the forming of special profiles with a constant longitudinal cross-section.
  • Cefival hot extruded special profiles and tubes are a perfect solution if you are looking for near-net shapes and complex geometries

The hot extrusion process can be employed to manufacture solid or hollow profiled bars with complex geometries and a fixed cross-section, in one single step.


Making it easier to meet and optimize project costs, satisfy customer product requirements, and allowing even small volumes of special profiles to be produced economically, the extrusion Process offers substantial advantages over other technologies;

• Hot extrusion can be used to make complex profile shapes even with metals which are difficult to form.

• Thanks to reduced tooling costs, extrusion does not necessarily mean large quantities.

Small lot sizes can be produced economically.

• Costly processes such as welding, straightening, grinding, milling or turning can be eliminated.

• Machining can be minimized, and weight saved by choosing an optimum cross-section, and bottlenecks in machining capacity can thus be avoided.

• Materials and machining and labor time can be saved during downstream machining due to the near-net cross-section of the profile.


Hot extruded profiles can be made from a wide variety of steel grades, according to the required metallurgical properties, strength, resistance to heat or corrosion. Many different metals, with various degrees of extrudability, are currently extruded in our plants, including carbon steel, stainless steel, nickel and titanium alloys.



Aeronautics require high specifications with tight tolerances, certifications, continuous product development and a perfect service. Cefival R&D Department works on developing materials and the requirements of the customers are always in the forefront of the sales team’s minds. The products manufactured can be found either in the structure of the plane or in the jet engine itself as rings.

Hot extruded special shapes, tubes and rings in titanium and steel comply with the most demanding requirements. Near-net Shapes are the perfect and cost-effective solution for complex geometries.

Key advantages of Near-net Shapes

•Improve Buy-to Fly ratio
•Reduce machining time
• Less material wastes
•Wide range of geometrical shapes
• In-house metal forming and heat treatments
• Bending, cutting
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