Top 10 Aerospace Manufacturing Consulting/Services Companies - 2019
Mission Critical Composites (MCC): Critical Composite Manufacturing That Powers Defense, Space Warfare And Commercial Space Sectors

Top 10 Aerospace Manufacturing Consulting/Services Companies - 2019

In the present business world, organizations in the aerospace industry are evaluating new technologies to resolve some of the recurring intricacies that have long affected its maintenance and operations. According to recent research, the global aerospace parts manufacturing market that was earlier estimated to be at around $850 billion in 2017 is likely to expand at a CAGR of 3.8 percent by the year 2025. The increasing demand for commercial air vehicles to replace the aging and out-of-date aircraft with advanced, new-generation, lightweight, and fuel-efficient aircraft have been the key drivers.

As the market is gradually moving toward incorporating light weight commercial air vehicles that consume less energy, manufacturers are prompted to come up with innovative ideas for making aircrafts efficient. Subsequently, the market is inclining toward using aluminum alloys for air vehicle parts manufacturing owing to their lightweight and solid strength. These alloys could even withstand high temperatures and are resistant to corrosion making them the perfect replacement as opposed to earlier used manufacturing materials.

Further, with the design of aircraft going through various modifications and becoming complex, air vehicle manufacturers and other service providers are leveraging the benefits dispensed by the designing software and tools. Today, the aerospace manufacturing landscape relies upon the support of AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor, Autodesk 3ds Max, SOLIDWORKS, and more designing and computer-aided engineering programs. All these software not only simplify designers work to but also enables them to test and view the prototype before sending it for final production. Such an approach bolsters the results of the manufactured aerospace part and ensures that all the specifications are met as per the guidelines laid out by domestic and international aerospace agencies and corporations. Additive manufacturing is also gaining traction in the current aerospace manufacturing business environment, thereby easing up the development process of aircrafts vehicles.

On the same lines, when it comes to ensuring the quality of the manufactured products, air vehicle manufacturers and other service providers are expected to follow a certain set of rules and regulations. Consequently, the quality assurance and quality control experts are required to inspect, examine, and approve the aerospace manufacturing process at every step until the release of the final product. Manufacturers are also equipping their offerings with the ability to stay at par with the changing rules around quality control certifications and standards in the aerospace industry.

But that is not all. Customer satisfaction, on-time delivery of high-quality parts, and after service support are a few of the other imperative services aerospace manufacturers focus on.

In the last few years, aerospace parts manufacturing service providers have surfaced in the market. With that in mind, our editorial board has conducted a comprehensive study of leading aerospace manufacturing service providers globally. Our goal with this special edition is to highlight the best-of-breed aerospace manufacturing service providers like Mission Critical Composites and K&B Industries that have been making great strides in the Aerospace Manufacturing Services space.

Manufacturing Technology Insights presents the “Top 10 Aerospace Manufacturing Consulting/Services Companies 2019.”

    Top Aerospace Manufacturing Consulting Companies

  • MCC provides key (remove front-end R&D type) composite solutions for manufacturing parts and structures to both the commercial and defense sectors. MCC occupies over 62,000 sq ft. of Class A manufacturing space with 10,000 sq ft. of clean rooms, providing full-service plying, kitting services and turnkey composites manufacturing to major defense and commercial space flight companies. MCC has become a key supplier to these sectors and has sidestepped much of the commercial airplane market to manufacture critical flight composite parts and structures. MCC is focused especially on uncompromised quality and attention to detail built into each product manufactured

  • K&B Industries

    K&B Industries

    Offer a wide range of related services – threading, machining, engineering, manufacturing, and value added services – all designed to meet the needs of our diverse base of aerospace, energy, and industrial customers

  • Precision Cut Industries (PCI)

    Precision Cut Industries (PCI)

    Precision Cut Industries (PCI) is a high technology contract manufacturer with essential laser cutting skills. PCI produces steel parts and subassemblies using cutting-edge lasers, robotics, and pressurization engines. PCI is proud of its broader OEM framework and procedures but of its flexibility and smoothness to adapt funds as necessary. PCI is dedicated to customer satisfaction. In order to guarantee quality products, PCI uses the Quality Management System Manual to implement and follow carefully sophisticated processes. 100% satisfaction for our customers is the highest priority of PCI and PCI works continually to provide improved services to the client

  • Scarrott Metallurgical Company (SMC)

    Scarrott Metallurgical Company (SMC)

    The Scarrott Metallurgical Company (SMC) has been active in the fields of Aerospace and Defense since 1977 with headquarters in Los Angeles, CA and has also expanded to include the medical and computer industries. SMC is a heat treatment plant for vacuum and brazing. The organization's main focus is on aerospace alloys, which in the final phases of manufacturing require very smooth environments for heat procedures. SMC offers alloys, vacuum brazing filler metals and inspection facilities. Scarrott Metallurgical Company has certificates of Nadcap – Heat Treating – Accredited & AC7004 – Aerospace Quality System

  • Special Aerospace Services (SAS)

    Special Aerospace Services (SAS)

    Special Aerospace Services (SAS) is a tactical engineering and sophisticated production company with more than ten years of expertise offering state-of-the-art alternatives for the global aerospace, aviation, and defense companies. SAS has begun the dream of creating and delivering new aero transport alternatives to space and aviation sectors. SAS is a leader for aerospace engineering solutions. SAS offers a complete service lifecycle from strategic consultation and enterprise capture to tactical engineering, systems development, accuracy production to repeated program assistance. SAS Manufacturing provides precise machining alternatives to aerospace, aviation and business clients for nonferrous and ferrous materials, prototyping and 3D printing, as well as installation

  • Altemir Consulting

    Altemir Consulting

    Altemir Consulting started as an experienced, consultancy group of senior manufacturing, engineering, and private equity managers. Altemir has also acquired customers in other sectors, including modular homes, consumer products, and food production. The extensive consulting network has experience and knowledge in manufacturing, engineering, supply chain management, IT, private equity, and compliance with regulations. The focus of Altemir Consulting is to improve production companies ' operations that want to improve cash flows and operating performance during start-up and M&A activities or as part of an ongoing improvement initiative

  • Dassault Systèmes

    Dassault Systèmes

    Dassault Systèmes, the 3DEXPERIENCE Company, provides virtual universes for the imagination of sustainable innovations for both business and people. The 3DEXPERIENCE Center network is a group of "innovation workshops" for the future of the aviation and other industries, providing a context for advanced manufacturing and product development. The organization's world-class solutions transform the design, manufacture, and support of products. Collaborative solutions from Dassault Systèmes foster social innovation and expand real-world virtual opportunities. The Group has a value of over 230,000 customers in more than 140 countries in all industries of all sizes

  • Dynamic NC

    Dynamic NC

    Dynamic NC is a recognized leader in development and technology in the airspace, located in Rose Hill, KS. The organization's expert team provides superior design, machining, and installation facilities to clients. Dynamic NC designs and specializes in rising demands and service initiatives, world-class aero buildings and parts. The organization generates a broad range of complicated, complicated components and assembly apps in aerospace. Dynamic NC meets and exceeds client standards with personalized customer service, competitive pricing, and brand quality. Dynamic NC is committed to delivering the most excellent alternatives in the field of aerospace and continues to drive innovation to serve customers better

  • Sonic Manufacturing Technologies

    Sonic Manufacturing Technologies

    Sonic Manufacturing Technologies is committed to customer success. Sonic is a leading regional manufacturer of turnkey contracts that customers can trust. Sonic is committed to offering customer support in the sector of the highest standard. In addition to our production facilities, Sonic offers top-level PCB Layout and production engineering facilities to the item implementation as the real single source. Sonic's production team is always committed to creating goods of outstanding performance. Sonic has a quality assurance scheme that applies to all products and services it offers. To meet all demands, the organization communicates with the clients

  • Venetia Partners

    Venetia Partners

    Venetia Partners is a worldwide logistics and solutions expert customer-focused service company. The company produces sustainable results by promoting quick improvement in performance and a measurable impact in the end. Venetia Partners use an unsound approach to eliminate the profit restrictions in the value chains often encountered by manufacturers. The team includes veterans in the industry with strategy management, line operations, HR, and technological expertise. Intellectual ownership, ideas, and techniques have been incorporated into several extensive playbooks, standards, and instruments, which help to accelerate results, improve achievement levels, and create viable results