Top 10 Aerospace Manufacturing Solution Companies - 2019
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Top 10 Aerospace Manufacturing Solution Companies - 2019

Across the globe, the aerospace manufacturing business landscape is experiencing significant disruptions, which are highly driven by the digital innovation and transformation. While the future of the industry is expected to remain uncertain on many levels of operations, the manufacturing aspect is likely to see a surge in demand owing to customer and buyers requirements. Be it for designing or building or testing aircraft parts such as missiles, rockets, or avionics, many nations are pushing a considerable amount of funds and resources in the aerospace manufacturing.

As the equipment and avionics being utilized in the aerospace sector are drastically getting complex with time, manual manufacturing no longer serves the purpose. On the contrary, digital manufacturing is emerging as the likely alternative owing to its ability to design and develop intricate aerospace parts that are fuel-efficient and light-weight. Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM Machining) is one such digital manufacturing process; not only does it provide high-precision equipment but also ensure less designing time.

But none of the designing and developing process would work wonders in the aerospace sector if not for work instructions software that provide structured information about new parts and its designing and managing process to manufacturing engineers. Today, the market is brimming with plethora of such work instruction software, which functions as the repository of manufacturing processes.

Besides, many aerospace manufacturing solution providers are integrating assembly line with factory automation to improve the entire business operations. Aware of these current trends making waves in the aerospace manufacturing industry, a distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and analysts along with the editorial panel of Manufacturing Technology Insights have indexed top 10 Aerospace Manufacturing Solution Providers of 2019.

We present to you Manufacturing Technology Insight’s ‘Top 10 Aerospace Manufacturing Solution Providers of 2019’

    Top Aerospace Manufacturing Companies

  • Ascent Aerospaceis a world renowned, single-source provider of production and automated assembly systems for the aerospace, defense and space industries.As the largest tooling group, Ascent produces a full suite of both mold and assembly tooling required for the aerospace manufacturing market, including the largest Invar molds ever made for aerospace.As an automation provider and production system integrator, Ascent works with customers to develop their project and see it through from process engineering, to build and installation to ensure it is an efficient and cost effective solution

  • Blue Origin is empowered by a vision where millions of people are living and working in space by developing reusable rocket engines and launch vehicles that will dramatically lower the cost of access to space. Blue Origin’s record-setting New Shepard, powered by a robust BE-3 engine, was the first fully reusable vertical takeoff, vertical landing space vehicle, taking astronauts five times above the Karman line and landing safely back on Earth. The company’s New Glenn orbital launch vehicle, backed by BE-4, the world’s most powerful liquid oxygen/liquefied natural gas engine is designed for operational reusability, and can launch payloads over 13 metric tons into geostationary transfer orbit

  • An aerospace manufacturing solution provider, Graphel provides manufacturing sophistication for a host of Fortune 500 companies in the aerospace segment. A leader in graphite machining innovation and technology since 1965, Graphel has expanded both its equipment and personnel for a third consecutive year and remains prepared for the impact of Industry 4.0 on the innovations in aerospace manufacturing. With quality as the primary focus, the aerospace manufacturing solution provider has maintained a stupendous 4.2 Sigma Level. The company is striving to reach a world-class Six Sigma Level of 5.2

  • MSP Aviation manufactures precision machined products for the Aviation, Aerospace and Defence Industries. MSP Aviation makes the majority of the mounts that are used on most of the aircrafts that are flying today. With a modest set of clientele which include NASA and Air Force One, the company delivers precision solutions for instrument integration on leading avionics platforms. MSP Aviation has since expanded its capabilities to now include custom instrument housings and cases that are used by instrument manufacturers like Ametek and Honeywell

  • As premier flowforming manufacturers, PMF produces component shapes beyond conventional metal forming processes at an economical price

  • FFD helps aerospace companies, suppliers, and other industries meet stringent standard and compliance requirements, and surpass customer quality expectations with Sequence Enterprise Work Instruction Software. Developed for Windows® using Microsoft's .Net Framework, Sequence is based on extensive market research and close working relationships with aerospace and other high-tech manufacturing organizations. Sequence allows companies doing complex manual assembly to easily author, review, approve, deploy, and validate the work instructions required to build their products. Over the years, FFD has developed a wide range of unique, easy to use, and affordable digital features that have set it apart from other electronic work instruction suppliers

  • Kaman Corporation

    Kaman Corporation

    Kaman Corporation offers programs to satisfy aerospace and industrial problems of crucial missionary importance. Kaman is a multi-faceted company that operates in two sections: Aerospace and Industrial Distribution. Kaman has been acknowledged for technical advances and creative alternatives to critical problems for more than 70 years. Since 1945, Kaman has served business and army clients around the globe as a significant innovator in the aerospace industry. Kaman has a long-term principle of involvement in the communities in which the organization operates. The technical knowledge and the range of alternatives of the organization have enabled it to develop into one of the significant manufacturing retailers and system advisors in North America

  • Oerlikon


    Oerlikon is the largest worldwide provider of facilities to 175 locations in 37 nations for advanced materials and manmade fibers. Oerlikon develops and offers specialist facilities for fabrics, machinery and surfaces to clients with highly-performing products and systems for longer lives. With its core technological skills as well as its powerful economic base, the Group sustained intermediate development with three strategic drivers: to address appealing development markets, to secure structural development and to expand by focused fusions and purchases. Oerlikon, a world leader in robotics and engineering, works in two segments – Surface Solutions and Manmade Fibers

  • Spirit AeroSystems

    Spirit AeroSystems

    Spirit AeroSystems identifies and energizes contemporary aerospace production, providing consistent performance, innovative breakthroughs, and highly qualified production skills into commercial, defense, and industrial aviation programs. Spirit AeroSystems, a 7 billion dollar global company with more than 17,000 staff globally, is the world's most prominent leading aerostructure manufacturer and distributor. The headquaters of the company is situated in Wichita, Kan. Spirit AeroSystems is one of the biggest level-one aerostructure producers and distributors in the world. In design, manufacture, assemble and integrate parts, and buildings, it uses the studies and new techniques for significant business and aerospace defense programs

  • Stratasys


    Stratasys is a global leader in additive technology solutions for the aerospace, automotive, medical, consumer, and educational industries. For almost 30 years, a focus on the needs of customers has fuelled targeted innovations, 1,200 patents that have been granted to date and pending for additive technology, that create new values across the product lifecycle from design prototypes to production tools and finished products. Stratasys delivers innovative applications for specific industries that accelerative business processes, optimize value chains, and leads to improvements in business performance for thousands of future leaders, fulfilling the real-world potential for additives